Friday, July 31, 2009

Another Prayer Kneeler Idea!

I've been going through my old old files on Cross designs, and found this one I had forgotten about. It was painted for a customer for the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, and the design was adapted from a Faberge' egg. (I was in my Faberge' phase at that time)

As I remember, the egg was a miniature, and was the cloisonne' enamel that I enjoy designing from. This one is on 18 mesh canvas, but if put onto 13 mesh, as it is stitch counted for symmetry, it would be a lovely center for a personal prayer kneeler.
You never know where you will find inspiration for designs! This was from one of my favorite books on the subject - "Faberge and the Russian Master Goldsmiths."

I also made Christmas stocking cuffs adapted from an Art Nouveau tea service in the same book. The tulips were red, so I also got a fine ornament or two from the same pieces. I think the one that's a ball is shown in a previous post quite some time ago, and under the label "ornaments."

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