Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ornament Progress: Before and After Beads!

It's rather incredible how different these two ornaments are when stitched with different threads and in different colors. Starting with exactly the same drawing on canvas!

The red one is coming to life with the addition of the beads, which glitter and sparkle in person. A close-up of this (click on it to enlarge) shows the basketweave on the flower petals done on every other row to accomodate the beads.

I could have used red beads, but am very fond of the way the clear, hexagonal ones look, as it 's more like ice crystals on the velvet of the background. The flower centers are DMC Satin Floss.

I drew another one for stitching with the pink and purple threads, as I don't like working on my own painted canvas - it's easier to see this way. The background stitch is T-Stitch, which has a nice but not overwhelming texture, and it's done with DMC cotton floss. I ordinarily use 4 plies, but in this case, I used 5, as it's on a white background, and the canvas is prone to show through with this stitch. Anne Stradal calls it the "dandruff effect," and neither of us is fond ot it. If I had worked on the painted version, I would have used 4.

As mentioned before in the previous post, the outline should always be stitched first, as it makes a clean, smooth edge - particularly when using a textured stitch like this. It gives one a definite place to start and stop - much easier and no ragged edges.

I wanted this version to contrast totally to the tree ornament red one, and I think it does. The cotton floss is matte, and the pearl cotton used for the leaves makes a nice, contrasting bit of shine, as does the Satin Floss on the flower centers. The petals are made with Rainbow Gallery Flair, and the large flowers will be made with Petite Frosty Rays, for a bit of difference against the background.

Again, if you missed it, the pattern for this ornament is on Freebies, etc., and is available for anyone to print out and use.

P.S. on this one: If I were stitching the "red" one with a white PVV background and red flowers, I would definitely use red beads on the flowers.

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NCPat said...

These are both great! But....I really like the red and it is probably because of the beads!!