Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Choosing Colors, Thread, Textures - the Difference it Makes!

This ornament is one I presented on Freebies, Etc. a while back, and also is to be used in my e-book on "Laces and Trims." It's such a simple thing, and I thought it would be a good one to illustrate how a change of color and using different threads, etc. can entirely change the look of a piece.

I don't paint things I'm going to stitch myself, as I'm too lazy to take the time, and also, I love the way it develops on the blank white canvas - kind of like painting. The dots I added are for the later placement of beads, which will be the clear Sundance #250 hexagonal ones for the glitter they produce - will also use them on the white flowers.

I'm using Petite Very Velvet, and also the Kreinik 002V braid that's so pretty with it. As always on shaped ornaments, I outline the shape first so it will have a smooth edge for finishing.

This ornament is to be used either as a tree decoration, or as a kissing ball mounted over a styrofoam ball to hang for a party decoration, or maybe just to sit on a table and look sparkly and cheerful at holiday time. Actually, the ball could be two sided, as this project is quick to do, being only 4 1/2" diameter. Also, by drawing it yourself on canvas, it's quite inexpensive.

Incidentally, my first thought was to do it in white PVV with red flowers - other color combinations are certainly feasible.

The second picture is of one I painted to show what color choices can do. I haven't had time to even think about stitching it, but when I do, I'll draw it on blank canvas rather than using this painted one.

I'm using cotton floss here, probably in "T-Stitch," as I want no sparkle, and will use petite Frosty Rays for the flowers in either bump stitches or long, slanted ones. The leaves and centers will be stitched with DMC Satin Floss, as I like the idea of having the shine as opposed to the matte finish of the cotton floss - interesting effect. Also, using pearl cotton for the flowers would be great visually! Due to the "ropy" spin, it has a sheen of its own.

If you haven't visited my Freebies, Etc. blog, this ornament is under the label "ornaments" (of course) and you can print it out and draw it for yourself. Also, I posted some Halloween napkin rings today, along with four with "jewels" on them. These too, can have major character changes due to a change of threads and colors - Try it!!


NCPat said...

Isn't it amazing just what a color change will do!!

Judy S. said...

Love your newest hearts, Judy, and the red ornament. I've noticed that quilt patterns look really different in different fabrics; that's part of the magic, I think.