Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another Memory Thread Motif and Holographic Ribbon

This one started as a sketch on a scanned copy of the ornament before I started stitching it. I find it the easiest way to figure out some of these things.
One thing I know is that I should have drawn the entire ornament on an even count instead of odd - that is, an even number of stitches wide, which is determined by how I start at the top. It would have made these Memory Thread motifs fit better on top of the stitching, as I had to work in the spaces between stitches and not on the stitch itself..

Anyway, the fact that it isn't perfect is fine - it just shows that it was made by hand and not by a machine. For this one, the little top stitches with the Kreinik Holographic ribbon were made horizontally instead of vertically, as in the cloud filling.

In the study of Fine Arts in the studio, one learns to never force a medium to do something not inherent in its' nature, but to use it to best advantage, for its own qualities and to convey an effect desired by the artist. Using needlepoint threads falls into this category, and I'm tempted, myself, to try to force the Memory thread to do things for which it really isn't suited, just because it's fun for playing.

On this ornament, I've used it to achieve a wonderful effect I couldn't possibly get with anything else - it's raised above the surface of the stitching, and is simple and smooth - and was easily manipulated, once I figured out how to handle it most effectively. The color is also very nice for this ornament.

As for the Kreinik Holographic Ribbon - WOW! The best way I can describe it is that it has a refractory quality rather than reflective. That is, it appears that the light of the spectrum is broken up by the surface rather than the gleam/sparkle/shine/glitter that one usually sees on a metallic thread - Kreinik included.

It's an amazing look, and I wanted to use it in such a way that it shows this quality. I'm using the 1/16" ribbon for the horizontal bands, and also for the round "button" thing at the bottom. This may have to be removed, as I'm not sure I like it - it's very very bright, but I'll put it away in a drawer for a day or two - and then finish the other areas and see what I think.

I may do the same thing, but use the braid instead of the ribbon, as braid doesn't lie flat, and has a delightful "spun" texture on the surface.

The Holographic braid didn't excite me when seen on the spool, but when I threaded my needle with a strand - it came to life, and is really beautiful. I'm waiting for the #12 braid to arrive, as the #8 is small, and would take forever for this stitch - and probably not be as effective.

It's the same stitch I made up for the sea urchin - the raised spider web on 8 spokes, but going counter clock-wise back over two and forward under one. A rather interesting effect.

ADDENDUM: I forgot to mention that I used DMC floss and Kreinik Holographic Blending Filament on the red knob at the bottom of the ornament. The BF has the same qualities as the ribbon and the braid.


Rachel said...

This is coming together really well!

Anonymous said...

It's fun to watch how the new threads from DMC and Kreinik can be used in our stitching. They are both look exceptionally good on this first ornament. I look forward to seeing what else you are going to create.