Friday, May 21, 2010

A Commercial for Me and an Ornament Finished!

I had such a lovely time playing in the coral reefs on my computer screen when I was creating the ornaments, that I really had no intention of doing anything commercial with them - hoping via my Needlepoint Now article this issue to motivate people to just try it on their own.

However, I've had an enormous and unexpected response from these, requests from individuals and shops alike - so went ahead and wrote up the detailed and complete instructions for three of them (Whew! not my favorite thing to do), and have this offered as a downloadable E-Pattern.

They are also available in a trio set drawn onto the canvas with the water and sand painted - same set of instructions, and still a lot of room for personal creativity. You can see these on Elegant Whimsies, my web page..

The ornament with the DMC Memory Thread and Kreinik Holographic metallic ribbon (inspired by Sharon B's "cloud filling" on her TAST stitch last week on Pin Tangle) is also finished, as it didn't take very long to do. It's a simple thing with few threads. I used YLI Ribbon Floss for the white background, as I like using it with long stitches too, as it looks like two different white fibers!

This ornament certainly glitters, and will show up well against the dark green of a fir Christmas tree. I refused for many many years to design Christmas ornaments, as we had nothing to make them sparkle - now we have an abundance. I prefer this sort of thing to pictorial ornaments, as they show up better, I think, in their bright and shining simplicity.

There is also simplicity in the expense of the project! It only required two spools of Kreinik metallic ribbon (red and gold), DMC Memory Thread one spool, and YLI white Ribbon Floss - one spool.


Rachel said...

So glad they've been so popular - they are delightful, and anything that gives people confidence to play with some of the newer threads has to be good!

NCPat said...

Congrats! Love the ornament and the use of the DMC memory thread.

DMC_USA said...

Love the ornaments! Can I use the image with a link back to your blog on the DMC blog next week for our Memory Thread segment?

Let me know! Thanks!

Emma Broidery

Possibilities, Etc. said...

Yes, Emma - feel free to use any of them. I'm assuming you've seen the Coral Reef series with the Memory Thread. Liz should have these shortly, as I mailed them to her on Saturday.