Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Four Faces of 002 (Kreinik Metallic)

This was originally planned to be "three faces," considering the plain, the High Luster, and the new Holographic, but upon assembling the spools on my work table, I realized that the faces of the 002 have many more visual properties than just the three!

In this first photo, I'm showing the #12 braid and the 1/16" ribbon, which are the two I use most. From left to right, HL, Vintage, and plain. Each has it's own visual qualities and great for achieving different effects!

Then comes the new Holographic!! The picture is showing the blending filament on the left, the 1/16" ribbon in the center, and the #12 braid on the right. The braid isn't pretty as it looks on the spool, but unwound, it is absolutely beautiful, and has a quality and dimension that's quite different from the other "faces" of 002.

I found this true also of the 002V several years ago when I had a spool in my stash, and didn't care for it - then I tried it, and have been a great fan ever since, and use more of it than any of the others.

This is what they look like on my work table - but one should use them judiciously, and not try to cram too many different ones onto one small piece, as this is "overkill" and ruins the overall effect of a design. Gaining some experience in working with each will give you an idea of what you want to use where. It's good to have choices!! Once again - consider that all of these are the 002 in different forms and finishes.!!

Next, check out how beautifully the Holographic colors work with the Memory Thread (Color Infusions). When this metallic first "came out," I was gratified to see that two reds were included - both the "Christmas" red, and the darker one I like to use for different dramatic effects. These too are available in ribbon, braid (all 4 sizes), and blending filament.

There are two pinks also, but the darker one - what I call "fuschia" or "hot pink" doesn't blend well with the Memory Thread, so it went back to its box.

The "chartreuse" green is one of my very favorites - and see how nicely it blends with the M.T.! The orange will be wonderful with other M.T. for fallish looking things, as there are, in that line, soft browns, tan, olive green, etc. Lots of possibilities for new designs!

To see a really really beautiful and appropriate use of the Holographic metallic, go see Liz Morrow's gorgeous new bargello piece! In this case, the work shows the intrinsic qualities of the thread as it enhances the design - works well together! This picture looks a lot better on Liz's blog than it does on mine. She also showed, in earlier posts, the ribbons in progress.

I forgot to mention that the Holographic braid is much much softer than the High Luster version of the Kreinik metallics. As much as I like the HL versions, they are a bit stiff.

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Robin said...

These are all wonderful products, and we are so lucky to have them. Thanks, Kreinik!

Great posting, Judy. Thanks, Robin