Saturday, October 23, 2010

Choosing Threads for a Small Project (quick cure for PPD)

When I finished the big Celadon canvas, I was really tired of it, even though it wasn't a boring piece. I always have a letdown (Post Project Depression) after finishing any big endeavor - either stitching or painting, and need something fast to divert and entertain me.

I was digging around in a drawer of things I had painted a while back for the blogs, and found the "jeweled" napin rings (which can also be bracelets if elongated). For some reason, I had always been fond of this one - with "pearls." This is one of those things I wonder about now - what was the inspiration, and what was going on in my mind? I'm not nearly this clever this week.

Anyway, although the paint is a bit brighter than the Petite Very Velvet I chose, I like the soft, velvety background. If I had used anything else, basketweave would have shown as texture, whereas stitches with PVV hardly show at all.. Besides, the gleam of the Kreinik 002V braid is gorgeous against it!
Normally, the little picot edge would have beads inserted for a little extra sparkle and shine, but in this case, I didn't want that, as it wouldn't look right with the surface of the pearls. it would just have been a lot of white dots to fight with the "string of pearls." The pearls are just a "bump" stitch over 3 x 3 stitches with Renaissance Shimmer.

The edge is done, as usual, with long-armed cross stitch, and with the 002V Kreinik, it is rather Baroque looking - a great effect! I like using this stitch on bracelets, belts, and napkin rings, as it folds over nicely and makes the finishing neater.
The left end of the napkin ring, not quite finished, shows where I decided to extend it one thread, as the pearl meets the one on the other end, and in finishing, they would run together with no separation.
It's such a mathematical process putting these on canvas - very simple, really - that it didn't occur to me to separate them. Probably nobody sitting at a table and using it would notice, but I would.
Since long-armed cross stitch works from left to right, I turned the canvas upside down so I could see what it would look like sooner. I believe these are on my Freebies, etc. blog where you could download the pattern - also check the label on this blog for it - it's been a while, and I don't remember where I put it.


NeedleKnowledge said...

This is so pretty! I love the colors!

LIZ said...

So pretty, Judy! And a nice simple project for getting over your PPD. Love the look of the "pearls"!

Rachel said...

It's interesting to know that there is a thread that almost "camouflages" the stitches, so you get colour but not stitch. I'll have to see whether I can find it in the UK, because sometimes a design needs that sort of "rest" for the eye!