Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What Color is Green??

This is a question I used to ask my students back when I was teaching hobbyists to paint and to mix colors. "Green is green" was the usual answer until I sent them outside to look - then it was difficult to get them to do anything but mix green paint.

Fascinating! A bit of color theory was thrown in , of course, to help them understand the "why" of what they were doing in the mixtures. It's really great to have control when mixing paint!

Anyway, I was inspired and motivated by my friend (internet type co-conspirator/fellow designer/collaborator up on Cape Cod) to do something regarding shamrocks, as that's what she is doing right now.

My only thought was a cookie. I mean ONE cookie. Then I decided to research "shamrock cookies" and couldn't believe the images I found - which may lead to a whole basketful of them. I had thought in the beginning with just one to make pale green icing with some dark green and crystal beads on top for "sprinkles."

However, now this idea has grown and grown to include a lot of different threads and "colors" of green and other wonderful things. It seemed only right to use Petite Very Velvet for the cookie dough, and then different textures for the icing itself. This is only a fraction of what I have buried in the drawers of my stash.

The Memory Thread will also make great icing as it would be if extruded from a pastry tube!! This will be lots of fun, and remembering that it's just a needlepoint replication, it doesn't have to be EXACTLY like a cookie, but can be used to practice many new stitches and techniques for decoration. as long as it "reads" as icing.

The first photo is as far as I went today, and is the first sketch that's done for a new piece - getting the size right, etc. The arrow points to a place that isn't quite correct and will need to be redrawn - tomorrow! I do hope to start stitching one soon.

When I get the drawing to suit me, I will probably put it up on Freebies, etc. so you can print it out and play along.


Anonymous said...

This could prove to be a fun project. Can't wait to see what you come up with for Shamrock Cookies! And they're non-fat too!

Cool City Stitcher said...

This should be fun!

LIZ said...

What fun! Such yummy greens. Can't wait to see how it all ends up.

Rachel said...

Greens are the most difficult colours to mixing in painting, and nearly as difficult to pick in threads for stitching. You've got a lovely selection there - looking forward to some non-fat, non-sugar Shamrock Cookies!

Gabriele Agustini said...

Green is my favorite color.
I love your blog!!