Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A Fabulous Stitch Dictionary!!

A wonderful thing today on PINTANGLE!! Sharon B. has put in PDF form a great stitch dictionary, as a result of her TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) exercises this year - and other things. She has an extensive dictionary of embroidery stitches that includes many variations of each - but this downloadable dictionary, as well as her TAST challenge also show many ways to use the stitches to create patterns of their own.

I have enjoyed for several years using embroidery stitches on TOP of my stitched needlepoint to further enhance it and create special effects, and have found a lot of inspiration and ideas on this site, as Sharon goes way beyond just showing in fine detail not only how to make the stitches, but how to combine and to use the variations to create special effects.

The second photo is showing the format of the new dictionary/journal. This thing is incredible, and I've already printed out the first installment, each of which is three stitches.
In my enthusiasm for this project, I am wanting to show too much of it, but will confine myself to a few comments.

The first stitch shown by itself (my own choice from Sharon B's dictionary) is "zig-zag chain stitch," and it looks like something that could be used as an edging on a sleeve or neckline or something of that sort to resemble a "trim." I have planned a series of little "ethnic" stylel dolls, and will use a lot of these things for added effect in surface embroidery.
Next is a "swatch" of simple herringbone, but applied like this, it looks like netting!

I used many of these stitches on my little coral reef series - for coral and seaweed both. Different effects with different threads, from DMC Memory Thread to Threadgatherer "sea grass." I also enjoy preparing ahead of time some ornament shapes already background stitched, usually with needle blending - so can practice creating effects with different threads and stitch combos.

But enough of this - go to PINTANGLE and check it out for yourself, and print out the first installment. It's a freebie, offered by Sharon's great generosity - and we thank her profusely!!


sharonb said...

Thanks for helping to spread the word about these I appreciate it

Rachel said...

Sharon's site is a constant source of inspiration, isn't it!