Sunday, October 24, 2010

Seasonal Napkin Rings

Looking back on this blog, I haven't really shown much on the napkin rings I did last year and the year before. However, you can see them on the other blog, Freebies, etc., by clicking on the label "napkin rings" on that site.

This picture is one I took last year of some I had designed, and Pat Miller of Needleartnut had stitched for me and finished, as well.

My grandchildren were enchanted with them - and found that paper towels work as well as damask. Anyway, after pulling out the swag of pearls to aid me in recovery from serious PPD (this is shown in the previous post on this blog), my mind started whirling again about more napkin rings. (or bracelets for those who wish).

The projects are small and simple, and one can really enjoy a bit of overkill and "goop" with threads, etc. You can see the entire range of Halloween as well as the "jeweled" series and lots of other rather seasonal things, and they can be printed out for you to use.

My latest idea for myself is to try out new threads and stitches - and also create wonderful embellished effects with the TAST stitches presented on PINTANGLE each Tuesday (as well as others on her Band Sampler) It's never wasted effort, as festive napkin rings are always fun for setting a table.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

These are darling. Pat did a fabulous job!

Jean said...

They are wonderful, what a really great idea!

NCPat said...

These were a lot of fun to stitch and quick too! Judy had done excellent designs!

Rachel said...

They do look like fun!