Saturday, December 04, 2010

Decorating the Cookie: DMC Frosting

The missing bag finally surfaced - at the very bottom of a large box, after I swore I had put it into a bag to carry with me in the car a few blocks.

Anyway, back to the Shamrocks. This is, I'm sure, old stuff to many people, but embroidery stitches are still a bit clumsy for me - especially on the surface of stitched needlepoint. I won't show the whole cookie again, as it is a few posts back, complete with explanation of threads.

For the frosting outline, which would be done with a pastry tube on the real thing, I used white DMC #5 perle cotton. The picture of the plate of cookies I adapted from didn't have this, but as the PVV "cookie dough" has more loft than the Vineyard Silk icing, it was necessary. Actually, size #3 would have been better for this purpose, but not only would the small chenille needle (size 22) be harder to thread, the #3 would overpower the look of the Memory Thread I intend to use.

I think I have mentioned that the chenille needle is essential for embellishing on top of stitched needlepoint, as a tapestry needle makes for slow progress and sore fingers.

Stem stitch was begun at the top with one short stitch, and then progressed around the shape. The trick here was to get nice, smooth curves where they were a bit sharp - this just takes some playing and practice. By looking at the little diagram of stem stitch, you can see what is going on with the icing and how it's done.

In the deep inner curve in this picture, you can see the little short stitch I made in order to turn the corner smoothly. I have to remind myself that this is "frosting" and wouldn't be perfect on the real thing. I'll finish the outline in a little while during a movie, and tomorrow will begin the Memory Thread swirls.
I think the dust is settling from this move, and creative avoidance must cease, as I have now found my tracing paper and paint brushes - no more excuses.. I already have something more interesting and challenging brewing in my head. The weather is cool now, so the energy level is up.

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Rachel said...

Good to know that you've found this again and got your energy levels up. Stem stitch is probably smoother and less wobbly than the frosting would be!