Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A Fancy Chicken

Everyone shows off their pets at one time or another on their blogs, so I decided to share my daughter's latest, as I am once again residing in her house to be waited upon hand and foot and well fed. (She has a different version of this)

Anyway, as she and the little boys explained, these are not "eating chickens" but are "fancy chickens." They aren't used to me yet, so I only have this one photo, which Jennifer had to take, as they ran from me.

Chickens are delightful creatures - not like I remember as a child when my grandmother had them for eggs and for frying. (those were nasty chickens). This picture is "Fanny" - like my grandmother (Frances Henrietta). OR the character Leslie Caron played in the movie with Maurice Chevalier.

All five chickens are different, and they all have names. A dog across the fence ate Audrey before her wings were clipped, so she was replaced by "Betsy."

My SIL is an architect, so designed and built the lovely chicken house for them. The yard is enormous, so this is against the back fence with lots of space between the house and the coop.

Jake (age 7) decided we need more chickens so as to name them for Biblical ladies. He likes "Miriam," and I like Rebecca. My daughter suggested maybe "Jezebel." We could do the five women of valor in the old Testament, (Bathsheba is one of these) and then the "bad ladies," as I believe there were several. That's a whole flock of chickens, so Jennifer said NO.

Anyway, these chickens made short work of interference by the three family cats. The dog - Godzilla - is a big, lazy yellow lab, who ignores them.


Cathy said...

Hello Judy. That is one handsome chicken your daughter and her family have there. Beautifully marked. I too love chickens but have never been lucky enough to own any. I love the little fussy noises they make. Very comforting. I don't think our neighbours would be too happy if I did have some as we only have very small back gardens. Still, I can dream can't I? Cathy

Mary Corbet said...

Now, THAT is a gorgeous chicken. I love the feathers - and the wing is beautiful! Unfortunately, our "city" (of 3,000 people) which is located amongst the cornfields of Kansas, pretty much "out in the boonies," has an ordinance against chickens within the city limits. So no chickens here! We did attempt some baby ducks at one point, but my goodness. As cute as they are, they tend to poop a lot (times 10), which takes away from their cuteness a bit.

Yep, this one's a real beaut!

Front Range Stitcher said...

Oh my, such a beautiful chicken, Martha Stewart would be envious! I've discovered a lot of people would love to have chickens. I know I would. They are so dear, and yes they have their "fertilizer" issues but hey, what doesn't? lol

That hen house is quite the Taj. Have you ever walked up to a hen house when all the hens are roosting? As you approach, they begin making these endearing muffled noises as if to be warning everyone to watch their eggs, someone's coming! Judy, I'd love to see you with your new feathered friend! Enjoy!