Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Kimberly's Card: Elegant Simplicity

As always, I'm enchanted with Kim Smith's artwork! I received this card in the mail this afternoon, and had to show it here. She is not only very talented with her needle and thread and designing for needlepoint, but does the most beautiful of graphic art - whimsical, elegant, simple.

I treat myself to a new small picture to frame from time to time, and never tire of looking at her artwork. I love the Santa on this card, carefully placing his simple ornament on the simple little tree - so different from all the rest of the "stuff" out there. What an imagination this lady has! She does this in addition to working full time at The NeedleWorks here in Austin. Wow!

To see more of Kim's art, go to A Kimberly Design - her blog.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Elegant Simplicity is a very difficult look to get. Every line has to be "just so". I'm always very impressed with anyone who manages to do so!