Sunday, June 29, 2008

The CQ Heart Almost Finished!

The next step, having put in the seam treatments and vines, is to place a few flowers and leaves in silk ribbon. I'm a bit rusty at this, as I haven't done it in several months - and am also using the 7mm ribbon that I haven't worked with in about ten years - it's clumsy at first, and I couldn't make it do exactly what I wanted - but practice will help. The ribbon is new to me - it's absolutely gorgeous in it's finish and sheen, and comes in the 4mm and 7mm widths that I enjoy using for embroidery on needlepoint. (see this ribbon at Riversilks) Placing flowers is just a matter of adding one at a time at random - and then a few leaves, etc., progressing slowly without a real plan in mind. I'm always a bit surprised at the end result - instant gratification, also, as it goes fairly rapidly. My problem with it is knowing when to quit. One can get carried away!

It was necessary to put this thing away from time to time this afternoon, as it gets tiresome and confusing if I work on it too long. I'm sure there will be things I don't care for by tomorrow when I look at it with a fresh eye - or maybe some small element to add that would help. Anyway - it will stay like this for a day or two until I look at it again. The beads will be added last, and will jazz it up a bit. I have chosen beads that don't sparkle - but rather shine nicely, as "pearls" on the Hungarian criss-cross patch, and clear beads on the pink/purple patch with matching floss to apply them. A subtle effect is needed here so as not to distract from the embroidery. The pink flowers are a bit mashed from the scanner - but I am thinking they need a second layer anyway, as the petals look a bit limp and skimpy to me.

This one is in the stage of "laying in the color" - which means I tried one at a time to see what looks best where out of my pile of potential threads. So far, it is not looking anything like the piece I saw in my mind - but it's interesting, so I will continue and see what happens. Sometimes these things take charge and do as they please. I'm never really sure what to expect in the beginning.


NCPat said...

Very nice! So feminine!

neki desu said...

looking at your finished heart i'm sure this one will be even better looking.
what a great stash of threads you have!

neki desu

g said...

very pretty...the flowers would be great on anything...xoxoxox

Love to Stitch 99 said...

I think that this is so interesting what you have been doing with these hearts.

Before seeing those it would not have come to my mind to do crazy quilting with these, but I really like them and may give it a try sometime later.

Great inspiration :-)

Pierrette =^..^=