Friday, June 13, 2008

Tweeting, Chirping and Humming!

At the present time I am rummaging through my rather formidable stash of threads, beads, metallics, silk ribbons, and all kinds of hoarded-for-years goodies, exploring the possibilities for yet another design project to keep myself entertained. A stash is a good thing, as I find over periods of time, that color schemes are easily put together from groupings I accumulated during different "phases" - and it's a great challenge to see if I can create something attractive and meaningful without going shopping. Of course shopping is good, and I never leave behind anything I see in a store that appeals to me in some way - that might come in handy at some later period of design development.

Also, at the present time, I have a NN deadline pushing - so need to get my mind clear and on that. Meanwhile, if you haven't already done so, please go look at Gail Hendrix's gorgeous feathered critters - which I would rather be stitching instead of my own!! See them here at "Squiggeeland"

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Magpie Sue said...

Love those birds! (I went and looked at all of them.)