Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A New Blog!!

No picture right now - but the good news is that I have nagged my James (#5 child) to start his own blog to show his magnificent "suspended universe" artwork. (see it here, as well as in a previous post of mine) I had not seen him in three years until this past Memorial Day weekend, as he is in the Navy and had been overseas three times in that period. What a relief it was to see him and his little family. Anyway - before he left to go overseas, he set me up on the internet and taught me how to e-mail, find a chat room, etc. etc., as I had refused adamantly to even have a computer until then. My Joe had given me one for Christmas, and James made me use it. Do I need to say how long it took me to become addicted? While he was here, I showed him the entertainment and great rewards of doing a blog, as well as showing off my skills - so I have spent much of today with IM's between us, as he is back in Oklahoma now - helping him set up his blog. Do take a look at it. I'm sure it will be very enlightening and entertaining when he finds his wings here. He is my own child for sure (and very talented with art and music) - we march to "a different drummer."

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NCPat said...

I checked it out! Keep it coming!