Friday, June 20, 2008

A Wealth of Stash!

Back in the "olden days" of stitching on painted needlepoint canvas, we only had Persian wool, and it was usually sold by either the strand, oz., or sometimes a little hank of ten strands - so there was seldom much leftover to "stash."

Now, with the enormous number of novelty fibers available to us, we seem to accumulate a lot of leftovers, as sometimes one must purchase a whole skein of thread just to stitch one square inch of design. I actually have one large plastic bag labeled "sparkly green stuff," and another, "sparkly red stuff." Then there is "shiny white stuff" and of course BEADS! Most of this is left over from my "jeweled" cross phase, as well as Christmas ornaments. At the present time, I am grateful to have already this supply of threads to choose from for my latest madness, the charted "laces and trims," which are sparkling and jeweled when made into tree ornaments.

Anyway, a plentiful stash is, indeed, as Sharon B. suggests, wealth - as it provides a certain security and convenience, as well as a source of inspiration for new designs. It's also a great challenge to see if I can work with what I already have, rather than buying more. Also - don't forget the "eye candy effect"!! It's good for the spirit.

I have begun recently a new series of small CQ designs in needlepoint, so have dumped out my leftovers, as well as some recent impulse purchases, to see what is available. Amazing combinations can fall together by doing this!. A well stocked stash is, indeed, full of possibilities for special effects in contrasts in texture and color. A useful thing, I think, with a feeling of luxury as well.


Judy S. said...

You have some very interesting threads in your stash, Judy. It will be fun to watch your hearts progress!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Oh how yummy. Love your thoughts on stash...and the hearts are going to be just beautiful.

napaneedlepoint said...

I'm with you on this. My stash is huge, greatly enhanced by my box of scrap threads, which are odds and ends of different things, to small or too weird to be of much use for huge stuff.

In fact last night I started some projects for my kids in their favorite colors. Most everything for two of them came from that box. The other one had to use non-scrap threads. This could be because her favorite color is red and it's one of my favorites as well, so I've mostly used it up.

These pieces happen to be small, but I do big ones this way as well.

Keep Stitching,

Emi said...

-Me encantan los hilos y el trabajo del corazón te va a quedar divino...
Con el cariño de siempre Emi.

NCPat said...

This will be fun to watch! Love all the great fibers! Isn't stash grand???