Saturday, August 30, 2008

Crazy for September is finished!!

While getting toward the end of finishing this piece, I realized what a great part of the creative process "balancing" must be. The design elements must be in good balance according to size, shape, and color, in order to hold the eye in a pleasing manner - whether the artist means to evoke excitement , serenity, or other feelings that might be. I also realized, as I was quite tired of this particular crazy quilt rendition, that I had worked too long and too hard in order to meet my own deadline, and lost the pleasure in it. I need to work on balance in my art and my needlework - between what I do for my business, and what I do just for relaxation and enjoyment.

Designing has been my life's work, and I do enjoy it - but it still requires a self discipline and occassionally long and strange hours to meet deadlines. Needlework and pottery are also very therapeutic for me - and I don't do nearly enough lately "just for myself." I must work on that - and throw in a bit of gardening and walking when the weather cools down. A good balance in these aspects of my life!

As for the September Crazy Quilt - it's done, and I'm pleased with it (at least for now.) The first step in the embellishment, after the seam treatments, was to stitch in the background leaves, following the curve. This was done with 4mm ribbon from RiverSilks, which is beautiful stuff, and it holds up well in the stitching. The little asters were begun by just placing them one at a time wherever my eye landed - using 2mm silk ribbon from Thread Arts of Houston. It's great ribbon, and the only 2mm I've been able to find - it works well and doesn't fray at all. I chose the 2mm, as the asters have tiny petals and this gave the best effect. The close-up illustrates the beginning of an aster, and how to manage to make it round - I just place five petals in the size and shape I need, and then go around the flower filling in with more petals until it looks right. The centers were done when the flowers were finished, and are French knots made with Splendor silk. Beads were added when everything else was finished.


Judy S. said...

Nice asters, Judy! They look just like the ones in my yard which haven't bloomed yet. Usually they are harbingers of fall, but everything has been late this year. Although it is feeling quite fall like here now.

What kind of stitch did you use on the lower right part of the heart, the part that looks white with beads, I think. Oh, and you were right on about your thoughts on balance, especially not keeping at it so long that you destroy the pleasure of the process!

Miss 376 said...

This is beautiful, thank you for sharing. I've enjoyed watching this develop from start to finish

freebird said...

Balance is important. All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl you know. It's funny how even things we enjoy turn into work when done for too long without something different breaking up the time.

I was wondering about the inchie idea. How do you finish the edges on something like this? I thought of using a binding stitch but it takes up a lot of space on the edge so I'd have to account for that or my inchies won't be inchies!

NCPat said...

Very nice, Judy, as usual! What's next?