Saturday, August 02, 2008

Jewels and Talavera

This isn't "resting" and taking a day or two off - it's more creative avoidance, as I should be working on two specific projects I'm not looking forward to. Responsibility. Perseverence - all that. Anyway, this is a progress report. The mini-stocking now has a name. I will probably do the bead thing on the letters, as it has those spots of glitter that look so fine against the Petite Very Velvet of the background on the body of the stocking. This thread doesn't really show up well except as basketweave, in which it resembles a patch of velveteen - beautiful for showing off beads and the Vintage Kreinik gold braid. I did work the toe - and will do the heel - in T-stitch, which barely shows, but gives just a bit of texture interest which was needed.

I don't like counting - and will not do anything in which I have to look back and forth between a chart and the stitching work - My idea of "counted canvas" is to count with the drawing pen before I start. (Anyone who can count to 4 can do this pattern.) by doing this, it is easy and relaxing to stitch without having to think or count!

Next, while I was painting an order for a Talavera mini-stocking, I found two more drawings I had never painted - and a third one that made a great companion with the one I was painting. I decided to go ahead and paint these while I had the colors mixed. That is classified as "work" I believe, so now I can play a bit - and then do the BIG ONE I've been avoiding.


Judy S. said...

I love the way these 3 mini-stockings go together, Judy! You might get me to try needlepoint yet!

NCPat said...

Very nice! The Nina stocking is adorable, and of cours, I love the Talavera's! Great rest break!

Nina said...

Oh Anne, that stocking is so delightfully delicate! Your colour selection really enhances the simplicity of the under-lying design. I look at bead work a bit differently these days, lovely.

freebird said...

They are all lovely. I especially like the folk art feel to these. (I used to do some folk art painting and if I ever get my eyes to see better I'll probably do it again). Will these pieces be in your online shop?

You know what they say, a woman's work is never done!