Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mini-Stocking Finished! (a tutorial)

This was just getting started with the cuff - where you can see the "A" begun with basketweave on every other row - warp threads only, as the beads will need to be placed in the "dips" of the weft. I used YLI Ribbon Floss for the background, as I didn't want the matte look of the Very Velvet of the body of the stocking. This, incidentally, is a great example of something simple and quick, sparkly and glittery that can be done with just threads left over in the stash from other projects.
This is the back of the cuff, where you can see the basketweave worked smoothly, skipping under the drawn letters. This should always be done, rather than starting and stopping and going around the lettering, as it prevents the unattractive "pin hole effect." Basketweave, smoothly and properly done, makes a really nice, padded, smooth surface, as opposed to using continental or half cross, as so many are tempted to do. These two stitches should NEVER be used on mono-canvas, as it can't hold the stitches evenly, and that ugly horizontal ridging occurs, along with uneven stitches - no matter how much care is taken.
Another important thing to remember is that the white or light colored background needs to always be done before the colored elements - as tiny fibers will pull loose otherwise, and make the edges of the white look "dirty" or fuzzy when it is pulled through the mesh next to the color.
This is a shot of the name on the cuff almost finished with beads - you can see how they were placed into the weft threads that were left bare. And last, the finished mini-sock!! It will be lovely in the firelight of Nina's house on the mountain - if she doesn't blow up her stove and get soot all over it.
Due to the velvety texture of the Petite Very Velvet (Rainbow Gallery), I used just basketweave in the body, as any textured stitches don't show up well. I did put "T-Stitch" on the heel and toe, as they needed a bit extra - it barely shows, but enough.


NCPat said...

This is very pretty! You have certainly been very busy!

Nina said...

Blow up your wood stove just one time and it follows you forever.

Anne this is so lovely. You captured it. Thank you.

El rincón de Paloma. said...

Es muy bonito !!! pero tiene pinta de dificil, para mi.