Saturday, August 09, 2008

TIFChallenge - Juggling vs. Balance?

But first the colors! I have pulled out, over the past week, everything I came across in my stash, as I raked through drawers and boxes looking for other things, (juggling projects in work) that are compatible with the beautiful colors this month. Actually, I have two more bags full of threads and beads and silk ribbons in these colors, as they are perennial favorites of mine. No room on my work table for them all right now - so here are a few for starters.

In my mind, I am beginning to see maybe a needlepoint crazy quilt purse front with these - adding a bit of Vintage metallic gold, of course. The usual M.O. for me is to sketch a design format first, and then pull out a few of the most compatible colors - (have to eliminate a bunch.) As I have said before, pre-planning doesn't always work.

As for "balance" - When I finished my education and set out to join the big circus called life, I found there are two separate acts - one is called "juggling" and one is called "balancing." The juggling, I believe, is getting everything done in a day that is required for maintaining home, children, husband, work, - all that goes along with necessary daily activities. It's quite a feat keeping all the balls in the air and turning smoothly and evenly. I see the "balancing" as walking along the high wire with a long pole held in both hands to keep us from tilting to one side and crashing down into oblivion. On one side, there is the juggling of necessity of the things of life. On the other side, there are the activities that give us respite and rest from these, which we do need on occassion. We need these in equal parts for good balance in our lives. This has been difficult for me, as I am a working artist - and a bit driven, so resting and taking a break usually involves some other artistic pursuit.

I joined this Take It Further Challenge "just because" to give myself that wonderful break that is creative, but yet has nothing to do with income producing activity or things expected of me by family and work. A walk on the beach is also a form of relief and release for me, as the wind blows away the cobwebs in my head - and I really need to do these things to achieve balance in my life between work and family on one side and rest and play on the other, ideally in equal parts. Sometimes it's hard to know the difference! I just found this in my pictures file - I also knit, which gives me a splendid break from needlepoint design - kind of shifts my gears and gives me a rest. This is from my "knitting with fabric strips" phase about two years ago - Yin and Yang!! Great illustration for "balance"


NCPat said...

Ooohhh, a purse front would be gorgeous done in these colors and in your style! I also like the knitting!

freebird said...

This sounds like a perfect month for you. The colors are some of your favorites and yet you were able to address the balance part of the challenge at least in written form, too. Can't wait to see the purse front.