Thursday, August 07, 2008

Excitement - a New Store!

We all just got lucky - great event! Gail Hendrix now has an e-bay store. Many of us have enjoyed looking at Pat Miller's blog, Needleart Nut, where she stitches Gail's marvelous birds and mounts them on stands - complete with tail feathers, personalities, and beady eyes. Until now, Gail has been totally wholesale, and her work was found only in shops. Love this internet! I'm showing these two ornaments, as my beloved north Florida (Tallahassee and the little towns heading down to the coast) is on my mind these days. Tallahassee isn't palm tree and flamingo country, (but the 'gators are there) -nevertheless - these things are to Florida as Longhorns and bluebonnets are to Texas. You can go to Pat's blog to see the birds, in progress, stitched, and finished.
Notice, as you enlarge these pictures, the wonderful charms and other embellishments she adds to the canvases - as the millefiore beads that look like oranges and grapefruits - and notice the flamingo angel tree topper! I will enjoy stitching this one. Do go to her store and look at her other goodies.


NCPat said...

The tree is fantastic! You need to stitch these!!

g said... is all too wonderful to be loved...
back at you...xoxoxoxox