Sunday, September 14, 2008

Friends in Houston

This is a quick and brief post - my good friends Tish and Steve Watkins live right outside Houston, and I haven't heard from them or had response to my e-mails. Tish is a designer - see her "Stitching Hands and Happy Hearts" blog listed on my side bar, and her husband is my wonderful, kind, and patient-with-electronically-stupid-little-old ladies web host. However, in his other life, he is a paramedic in Houston - which means he most probably stayed there to work.

I am a firm believer in the power of community prayer, and am requesting the favor of a few for their safety - as well as for millions of other people.

I have also thought of Tish's beautiful garden that she tends lovingly, and uses as insipiration for her needlepoint design - with the horrible flooding, I fear for that too - but gardens can be replaced. The framed needlepoint is Tish's portrait of her husband. It suits his personality.

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NCPat said...

As do we all hope they are safe, and as soon as anyone hears, please share!