Sunday, September 21, 2008

"Jewels" in Needlepoint (and progress on Nov.)

First the November "Crazy for Birthdays" - I have the seam treatments finished (didn't take long, of course) and a spray of leaves in silk ribbon across the bottom. Now for some creative avoidance, as I am still a little bit afraid of the chrysanthemums. In working with silk ribbon to create flowers on needlepoint, I learned from Judith Montano's books about ten years ago the stitches - but to create my own flowers, I work from either nature or from flowers in photographs. Images on the internet have really been helpful!

I saw a mistake after I took the photograph on the next to the last topaz close to the bottom. Oh dear. I'll just improvise and cover the boo-boo with a French knot or something clever.

I have been receiving the catalogs from the Art Museums lately, and it occurred to me that I could make much more imaginative arrangements of these jewels-of-the-month by making replicas of bracelets - so I got on a roll and started several more. The jewels need to be stitched first, as I can then see better what colors to use and where to put them. This is December with the turquoises! I have already chosen three of the colors I want to use, and of course keep in mind the narcissus and holly that are the "flowers" for this month. The dots are for bead placement. I want to stay away from making this heart look like Christmas - but will stay with what is right for the month. It will have holly and mistletoe, as those are at their best in December - and it will sparkle with beads! I did find some wonderful enameled "holly" jewelry in the catalog from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. That was my inspiration for doing the holly here. (later in silk ribbon)

I had already started "June," so continued to choose the textures and place colors - pearls and roses are easy! I have decided to only use five patches on each of these, as the main focus is on the jewel and the flowers - much too busy to do lots of little patches.

The peridots I am pleased with (for August) - as is my daughter. I have enjoyed the attempt to make "bracelets" on the curved seam. It's quite a challenge, as Needlepoint canvas is square.

The diamonds for April are made with beads - the Sundance #250Hex, as they glitter beautifully. I couldn't find a thread that would produce the effect I needed - so this worked out well. I will probably leave this project along for a while, as far as new designs - but will continue to work on the ones I have - I think that makes seven of them!!


Miss 376 said...

Goodness me, you have been so busy. The sparkle in that bottom picture......

NCPat said...

Yes, you have been busy! These are all going to be wonderful!

Ruth M. said...

Beautiful, as usual! I cannot believe how fast you stitch these and how wonderful they all turn out looking.

Ruth m