Monday, September 22, 2008

Silk Ribbon Chrysanthemums for November

November is finished - unless I get it out again in a few days and decide I need to add or subtract. I'm working on the other ones too, but will slow down now, as I have some other obligations and responsibilities that need tending - a big painted canvas that needs to be finished and mailed in a day or two, and a deadline coming up that requires thinking and work.

I spent much of today organizing my stash and putting it into stacked clear plastic drawers where I can see what is where. I should be ashamed of myself - until I got it out and into these drawers, I had no idea I had so much. YIKES! But at least now it won't take me so long to find things.

Incidentally, I showed my daughter the SRE chrysanthemums and asked her if she could tell what they were (she is the mother of two little boys, and is her brother's legal assistant - and does no needlework of any kind.) She studied them for a minute, and said, "Well Mama. They aren't daisies and they aren't roses - but they are some nice big fluffy flowers." I suppose that is success.


NCPat said...

And she is right! Mums are big fluffy flowers! Smell good too! Very nice, BTW!

Miss 376 said...

I agree, that is a fantastic description of them. They look great

Mary Corbet said...

Another Stunning Finish!! It's beautiful, Judy!

That's hilarious - they are nice big fluffy flowers!

Mary said...

Very beautiful! The mums look fabulous!

neki desu said...

just beautiful. and you're a month ahead of us :)
the mums add spunk to the piece.

neki desu

Allison Ann Aller said...

This is my favorite one yet. Nice mums!

We'd love to see pictures of that stash of yours... ;-)