Saturday, October 04, 2008

Blooming Roses in SRE - June CQ finished!

The rose bush is finished with mainly spider web roses, but a few French knots included. I chose the background colors, I think, for compatibility with this gorgeous Tropicana Rose I love (as well as for the soft colors of early summer on the beach) - my sister used them in her wedding.

The leafy vine below the rose bush is for the memory I have of my mother's beloved "Lady Banksia" that she trained on a trellis outside my bedroom window when I was a child. These roses were yellow, of course - but I didn't want to introduce yellow into this color scheme - just used the image in my head of those cascading branches with clusters of little roses throughout the length.I think the use of the "trellis" effect on the upper right side is probably from another image of these roses in my head.

I used my favorite effect here for a bit of sparkle/shine in a subtle way - the clear Sundance beads #250 applied with DMC floss in the lighter color - great look without creating something too busy.

There was another popular climbing/cascading rose at the same time that crawled across the entire back fence - "Paul Scarlet." These were a gorgeous red with overtones of pink. The effect of the cascading branches was the same.

I totally enjoyed working on the June birthday heart - the colors were pleasant and the stitches were simple, as I didn't want the embellishments overpowered by texture.

Now - on to December. Then I will back up and do August, as it, too, has bright and wonderful colors - those of late summer!


Judy S. said...

Absolutely beautiful, Judy. I love it!

Miss 376 said...

Beautiful, another fantastic heart

Frontrange Stitcher said...

Oh Judy, this is just lovely. Your work is gorgeous and done in my favorite color too!

marilyn said...

Your needlepoint hearts are absolutely gorgeous! I love them so much. Are they patterns? Or did you design them yourself? I'd love to try one myself, but could never do so without a pattern. Wish I had your talent. Thanks so much for showing us your incredible work.

NCPat said...

Another awesome!! Nice work! You are getting very speedy with these!

Nicki Lee said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You do such beautiful work and I love how you combine so many different colors together - just beautiful!