Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Design Inspiration (and more beads!)

Sources for design can be quite enlightening - beyond just enjoying the look of the Pueblo pottery since I was a child, researching it has been a joy. It's much more interesting when traveling and shopping to understand what we are seeing and how and why it was made, and in so many cases, the symbolism of the motifs in art objects. I begged and wheedled these simple and beautiful ornaments from Anne Stradal (ABS Designs) as she loves these things as much as I do. The designs from the Pueblo pottery are classic graphic and geometric things, that are pleasing to the eye, and would fit into many decors - not just what we think of as "southwestern."

I plan to use beads on these - the Sundance, as always, as the ones I found in the right colors are not sparkly or glittery, so will produce the right effect. The white backgrounds will be left white and beadless (or kind of "off white" in this case with Splendor #802) so that the designs will be accented. These three pieces are small - only 3" diameter on 18 mesh canvas, so I think I will use them framed in a long, vertical format as a "threesome." I have a few other things to do first, but hope to start them soon. My reward for meeting deadlines on time, maybe.

I also plan to do the Mermaid from Gail Hendrix at the same time, as I will need to move back and forth between the muted ornaments and the brightly colored mermaid - this works for me. Fortunately, both ladies stitch paint their designs, so it's a pleasure working on them. Now - back to my magazine deadline which is in about 3 days, but with about 3 weeks of stitching left to do - and also finishing up my December Crazy Heart. It's good to be busy.


Love to Stitch 99 said...

I love most Indian pottery designs and one of the pleasure when I was traveling through the United States during vacations was to purchase some nice pieces of Indian pottery and bring them home.

I love those three and it is a great idea to have them framed together.

Pierrette =^..^=

NCPat said...

As always, very clever of you!