Friday, October 03, 2008

Growing Rose Bushes (in silk ribbon)

I had to go outside to look at my daughter's rose bushes several times to try to get the center canes right - but they were pretty wilty looking due to no rain and lots of heat in Austin this year. They couldn't be my usual twining curly vines. Anyway - the June project is coming along, but nowhere near finished. Great colors to work with! The little five point things done in 3 ply of cotton floss are for making the spider web roses - instant gratification, as they are very easy to do.

The next picture is of the roses finished on this bush - but I still need to do something with the little stem on the left - and a big spray of climbing roses growing down from the curved seam - probaby a bit lighter in value than the flowers on the bush!
Changing the subject - my friend Gail has had a tremendous response for the Mrs. Santa and her heart - and now has been asked to do a "silver heart" T-shirt ornament for cancer. She didn't know, nor did I, that there are multilple colors available for the different types of cancer. What a wonderful little piece of needlepoint to stitch and to own or give - especially as Gail donates a percentage of her wholesale to the appropriate research organization. Do look at her blog ( to see more.


Miss 376 said...

I had a climbing rose in the garden where I lived before here. These remind me exactly what the stems were like, and the colours of the flowers aren't far off either. Beautiful

Judy S. said...

I'm loving the way your June heart is progressing, Judy!