Saturday, October 25, 2008

TIF Challenge and October mess

October seems to be almost over, as I see my daughter busy decorating with pumpkins and ghosts, etc. I am never able to live just in the present, as I have to be working and planning ahead for deadlines and seasons - chaos. I intended, when I first saw the colors for this month and the subject, to do a post right away, but have hesitated, as my "orderly chaos" has descended into the realm of chaotic clutter. Actually, it's pretty disgusting right now.

I have blamed this situation on my children, who sold my house and moved me to my daughter's guest quarters, supposedly for a few months until we found a suitable duplex or something of that sort. That was over a year ago. Oh well. I really can't use moving from a three bedroom house into this space as an excuse, because in reality, I had all three bedrooms and all the closets and the sun porch pretty well trashed as well. The only thing missing here is my pottery equipment - no place for it. The work table isn't really too bad - you can see the necessities - the graham crackers and Reese's pieces - and of course the TV remote, my calculator, and two rolls of masking tape. (Cheez-its and Sprite in the background) No painting going on today, as I have the two stitching projects to finish before Monday.

The books are lined up on the floor so I can see them clearly and grab one when I need it. There are multiple things going on here - my passion for the Pueblo Pottery I'm studying, and also designing from. The old classic Elsa Williams bargello is a study for development of some more "Freebie" ornaments. Not seen is my "new" old book of Maggie Lane's gorgeous Rugs and Wall Hangings from the 70's - I got lucky and found it on e-bay.

This is the worst of it - I can't put these things away, as I would just have to dig them out again, as they have to be where I can put my hands on them right away. I am working right now on the magazine deadline in a few days for January publication, and have already started on the March/April project. I have my design projects going on too, as well as intense study in the realm of the Pueblo pottery - and then there is the blog thing to play with and keep up. It's good to be busy.

As for the colors, as always with the Challenge, I immediately saw something beautiful in the images I keep tucked away in my brain computer - the African Textiles. I thought perhaps I would finally get around to designing something from them, but haven't had time.

I purchased this book several years ago from the Chicago Art Institute, and get it out to study from time to time. The variety of weaves, dyes, prints, and other techniques used on that vast continent is truly amazing - and quite beautiful.

I can't take time and space to comment on the pictures, but they are different weaves or embroideries from different regions, and are inspired by the various cultures that migrated into Africa over the millenia. This first picture is of some woven shawls in a technique called "pit weaving." Interesting study! The second picture is an embroidered bed cover - gorgeous colors!

I am going to be unhappy when this Challenge of Sharon B's ends in two more months - as I have really enjoyed it as a creative endeavor and as a thought provoking exercise - it has been a great pleasure, although this month I just couldn't find a space of time for creating something from this book as I have wanted - maybe in January!!

I just clicked to enlarge the last "work space" picture. Damn that's an awful mess. But my thread stash is now in those clear plastic boxes where I can see what is where most of the time.


Judy S. said...

Love your December block, Judy, especially the SRE!

NCPat said...

Wow! Thanks for the photos of the workspace and next ideas. However, you are not the only one of us with a messy workspace!