Saturday, May 02, 2009

A Framed and Finished Masterpiece!

I've shown this small rug before in various stages, but Jan has now brought it home from the framer, and it is absolutely gorgeous! She has the character and perseverence to actually finish projects.
I am a process person, and rarely finish anything. If I do, it languishes in a box for a few years until I find it again and find a use for it. Jan is both a "process" and a "product" person. This takes character and perseverence that I don't have.
Anyway, do go visit Jan Fitzpatrick at her beautiful blog, "Thread Medley" - and don't forget to also click on her other page to see her "Adaptations" and explanations, as well as yummy pictures and patterns.

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NCPat said...

We have to get you into finishing all the lovelies too!