Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Personal Prayer Kneeler: an idea!

There seems to be a lot of interest in personal prayer kneelers right now. I was just looking through some old pictures from my wholesale line, and found this I had forgotten about. It's actually a small prayer book or Bible cover - and I did so many I got tired of painting them and discontinued it. (for shops in Houston and Ft. Worth)

I do remember several years ago doing a personal kneeler for a woman, using the William Morris grape vine around the edges, and three simple, outlined gold crosses in the center space. (where the one vertical one is on the book cover.) With this, I'm just throwing out an idea for designing your own personal prayer cushion - lots of options here.


Cyn said...

Hi Judy,

Beautiful design!

Windy Meadow

Peggy said...

Great design. My husband is designing a new style personal prayer kneeler. It will be on our website next month, take a look and let me know your comments. The website is:


Possibilities, Etc. said...

Peggy - do remind me next month when you have it showing. I'd love to see it, but will forget. I e-mailed you via the web page before I realized it wouldn't be up yet.