Friday, May 01, 2009

Prayer and Altar Rail Kneelers: chapter III

I haven't really a lot more to say about the St. Andrew's kneelers, but did want to show the rest of the pictures - at least the ones I didn't manage to erase from the memory card. I am not good with mechanical and electronic devices - and that includes my little Kodak camera. This, of course, is the center cushion - St. Andrew's cross.

I had forgotten some of the artwork on these - I don't like having everything totally matching, as it takes away the handwork aspect of the art, and would make it less personal. I do all of my drawing freehand - nothing by computer. ( I don't even know how to produce art by computer.) To explain this comment - I drew the original working master pattern freehand - but then traced it onto each canvas with my drawing pen. I never draw directly onto the canvas - that would create disaster. Big mess, etc.

This one has the two clusters of grapes on the right side, and the shield has the curled edges at the top. Some of the kneelers - such as the two end ones, have plain shields and only one cluster of grapes on each side. I finally remembered that this was done because they are shorter than the central 13 designs.
Bad light again here - I have no idea who this is - a chalice with a snake. My books are all packed in boxes in the garage, but it's worth looking it up, as I'm rather curious. There are a few others that I don't recognize, also

Another dark one, but if you click to enlarge, you can see it better. Again - I don't know who this is.

St. Matthew is obvious, with the open book.
When I arrived, St. Peter was displayed upside down - as someone didn't remember that he was crucified on an upside down cross. I turned the picture the correct way when I put it into the computer - but did turn it before I left the chapel. On this one, you can see the curled edges of the shield more clearly. This is all I managed to get home with - I'll have to do it again, but with a better photographer than I am, and some decent lights.

This is all for St. Andrew's - I'm waiting now for pictures of work I've done for Church of the Good Shepherd here in Austin, and also St. David's. The Celtic knotwork was delightful to work out! (St. David was from Wales)

Also, I think a trip to Tallahassee is justified (wooo hoooo!) to see my altar rail cushions at Church of the Advent. Those go all the way around the altar - and have curved corners so that they may be changed with the seasons. The main, recurring theme for those was the wheat and grapes - and I used native flora and fauna of the state that have religious symbolism - like the butterfly and the dogwoods.


Jan said...

These kneelers are just beautiful!! You have good reason to be proud of the designs. The stitchers just brought your work to life. And they all work so well with the stained glass in the little chapel too. Bravo!!

Front Range Stitcher said...

Amazing designs, colors and impressive undertaking! These are wonderful and the praise is yours. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.