Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Angels Return!

Many many more of these were hiding in a file folder with no label. Once again, I will apologize for the poor quality of the pictures. This was way before my days of electronic devices - I had an HP color copier that didn't require a computer, but ink ran out at inopportune times, and I hadn't developed the good sense to always keep a back-up package. I was running out when I made these scans, but the canvases had to go out in a hurry and more "imagined," drawn and painted, so I hadn't the time to go get more.

This first one shows fairly accurate color - and, looking at it now, I can figure out what I would change if I were to do it again. (NEVER!) I'm not happy with the hair, so would give her a new style. This one is obviously for Christmas, as it's full of symbolism - but some of these things aren't necessarily that, as the holly has meaning that pre-dates Christianity by many centuries.

As for stitching, this might be enjoyable now, 9 years later (this was a Governor's Mansion project). I would use R.G. Petite Very Velvet for the blue vest, and DMC Satin floss for the ribbons and light blue trim. Of course there would be plenty of Kreinik 002V #12 braid.

The arrangement at the bottom of the skirt has a lot of possibilities for surface embellishment, but not necessarily all silk ribbon embroidery. Of course the gold dots would have to be beads!

The musical angel gave me trouble with the face - which is precisely why I don't enjoy painting people. angels or otherwise! I think this would be better top stitched for the features. I do like the hair - but always have a fear of someone using French Knots and making it look all wooly and kinky - or bullion knots, which look like Medusa or a lot of worms.

I don't really remember the true colors on this, but I like the drapes and folds in the dress and cloak, as well as the addition of the jewels. Also the position, as it's refreshingly different.

This angel looks like she is accompanying an annoucement, rather than bringing a message! There are different kinds of angels, of course, so this one could be somebody's guardian, and she's trying to get their attention.

The flying angel with the trumpet is definitely making an announcement! I like the change in position, as well as the fact that she's airborne, as one gets tired of doing the same old "face on" stance. The imagination runs out and they get stale.
The last one is a different version of a Texas wildflower piece. The color almost totally ran out, so I have no idea what color the dress was, but I do like the hair.

The bluebonnets and Drummond's phlox needed a garden of their own - they bloom at the same time in the fields and at the Johnson Wildflower Research Center, along with the Indian Paintbrush (too much orange for this composition, so I didn't use them). As for how I would stitch it?? I wouldn't - no way!! Maybe silk ribbon flowers, but no more.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

I am happy to see more angels, Judy. I love the position and face of the blue angel with the flute (clarinet?) in particular but they are all lovely. I wish you were still making these. I love angel canvases and would love stitching a few.

NCPat said...

Oooh la la! Tres' gorgeous!

Rachel said...

Could you tell us a bit more about the Governor's Mansion projects? Sounds interesting!

Cool City Stitcher said...

They're all beautiful. I especially like the one you've labeled #10.