Tuesday, July 06, 2010

A Wonderful Useful Stitch (from PINTANGLE)

I have followed Sharon B's annual "challenges," and joined in two when I had time, and loved it! It was a great learning experience, and also made me use my brain a bit and enhance creativity.

I couldn't do the TAST challenge this year, as I haven't really had time - but have followed it each Tuesday. (Take a Stitch Tuesday). My medium is needlepoint, so for surface enhancement, which I really enjoy, I would have had to have a lot of needlepoint backgrounds already stitched.

I was delighted to see this morning the stitch I used for some of the seaweed on my Coral Reef ornament series! It is a variation of "fern stitch," and looks really fine as seaweed behind the fish, worked with DMC Satin floss.

Sharon's illustrated instructions for these stitches make them super easy to follow and use.

The line across the top of the sand is also one of hers - a variation of buttonhole stitch. I cruise through the Stitch Dictionary on this site whenever I need something imaginative and different for what I do - you can see this on PINTANGLE, which is an essential in my early morning;/coffee routine each day.

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Rachel said...

Mine, too. Sharon's explanations are always so clear and easy to follow!