Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A History of Beads!!

I have no picture to show with this, as I didn't take time to ask permission - but this is a "must see."!! In the new, current issue of CQ Magazine Online, (which I enjoy, as I get great ideas for surface embellishment on needlepoint here, as well as just wonderful eye candy in the art crazy quilt genre), there is a fabulous article on the History of Beads.

This is from a museum in a suburb of Phoenix- very very interesting. Just go to the link for the magazine, click on "current issue" -and then scroll down to just below the big beautiful picture, and you'll see the link.

While you're visiting the CQ's, do look at Allison Aller's article on "Composite Flowers." It's fascinating - almost makes me want to take up crazy quilting, which I just might do some day instead of adapting it to needlepoint. There is a lot of freedom here, that I think I might enjoy - with Allison's tutelage, of course.


Cathy said...

Hi Judy. I really enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing some of your beautiful designs. Your artwork is wonderful, especially the bowl design that you have recreated. Far nicer than the original I think. Mine tend more to develop as they go along...haha. I am always trying to do more needlepoint but drawing always seems to get in the way. Thanks for your lovely comments too.


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