Thursday, July 15, 2010

Silk Ribbon Enhancement for Needlepoint!

I'm happy to say that I now have permission to show pictures from this beautirful blog again! It's a "freebie" site, and the work is of a quality rarely seen these days.

I enjoy using silk ribbon for surface enhancement on needlepoint, and there are some techniques and effects here I've never seen.

Now to go design something to use them on!! Maybe my new angels?? A new project can certainly lift the spirits - good for the soul.

Do go visit this blog - it's worth an hour or so of browsing, as it includes other types of needlework as well, and the patterns are free for downloading.

I've mentioned it before on both blogs, but if you missed it - go to NEEDLE CRAFTS, and for silk ribbon, click at the top on "ribbon silk embroidry." There are several beautifully done and easy to follow tutorials.


nournada said...

i would like to thank you again for your beautiful posts of my blog,i am soo happy that you liked it , these posts worths alot for me
thank you again and wish you good luck and happy dayes

Rachel said...

Always good to have new ideas and new links - thank you!