Thursday, January 10, 2008

Beginning the Project

This is how it begins! I was having a bit of trouble deciding what shape to use for this, as I am weary of hearts, and a small square would be boring, and this pallette is really not suitable for an ornament - and then it came to me! A crazy quilt top for a jewel case (in needlepoint, of course) - like the Talavera cases I am to stitch before April. (oh dear). Anyway, starting with the beautiful color selections for the January TIF Challenge, I had already filled a bag with threads from my stash. I had a lot, as this includes my favorites! Now to begin to plan a design, put it onto canvas, and eliminate and/or exchange some of the fibers. I'm sure I will do this several times before it is done. I need a circle 4 1/2" diameter, plus a few threads all around for the seam allowance - and am fortunate to have a little plastic bowl exactly those dimensions to use as a template. I won't paint the thing for several reasons: 1. I am too lazy. 2. I would rather stitch on bare white canvas anyway. 3. I will probaby change my mind about color placement anyway, as I always change the plan when I get started. I have been saving the pictures of A. Aller's laptop bag she made for the Houston Quilt Show a while back - so of course went straight to that, as I love the embellishments (don't I always?). It is from her work that I learned that the seam treatments may be just that, but other embellishments may dance around the piece, leading the eye where it should go (according to the artist) and then back again. It's rather like an exuberant and joyful dance, sometimes. I especially like the needle lace flowers (Oyas) from Turkey on this one - thanks to our friend Rengin in Istanbul, who sent them to Allie. Anyway - Hopefully I can get started on this tonight!! What fun. And then on to Dallas to Inge for a wonderful zippered jewelry case.


NCPat said...

These are lovely colors, and I can't wait to see this unfold.

Allison Ann Aller said...

This is terribly exciting!!!

The jewelry cases in your last post are amazing...just so exquisite. I hope you have scads of fun with the TIF!
...And that you will sell me the project when it is finished!!!!