Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Needlepoint Jewel Cases

Stalling a bit here, as I still haven't decided on a design for TIF Challenge. These were made by Creative Needle, - the brainstorm of my friend Inge Wooley from way back in the 70's ("the good old days"). The first ones she did were amazing - zippered cases with moire' ruching around the gusset, and very beautifully made. Motifs from some of my Imari designs were used, as well as other things in more recent years, such as the Faberge' enamel design motifs. Now she is using my latest passion - the Talavera of the exuberant, and somewhat gaudy, Mexican style. I originally drew these two pieces with tree ornaments in mind, or even "kissing balls," as they would be so much fun to put beads and other assorted glitter and sparkle to jazz them up a bit. The pillows painted from this source of design are entirely too busy in pattern and color without the use of novelty threads and textured stitches - but Inge saw jewelry case tops - so has sent me these, hoping I will have them stitched before the market in Dallas in April. YIKES! but busy is good! (so I'm told) The deal with these things is that they are already "finished" and don't have to go anywhere to get them ready for giving or just keeping for oneself. Incidentally, this is one of the projects for which I have really enjoyed the use of the Kreinik metallic ribbon for the tent stitch outlining - the navy in a High Lustre type. In the braid, sometimes the HL is a bit too stiff for effective stitching of this sort.

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coral-seas said...

Hi Judy, I only discovered your blog a few weeks ago but you have become a firm favourite. I've tagged you for the You Make My Day Award.