Thursday, January 24, 2008

Needlepoint from Antique Porcelains

This is one of my favorite designs of all time that I have done in my life's work as a needlepoint designer. The major body of work in the 70's was drawn from plates and bowls from the period of about the mid 19th century, and earlier when I could find it. Besides the Japanese Imari, which I loved, there was also the Chinese Celadon, Rose Medallion, Canton Roosters - and even a bit of Gaudy Welsh. A lot of research into symbolism and even into the glazing methods made it all the more fascinating. This piece is the one I will do if I live long enough, as I have never actually finished one of my old, classic designs. A long time friend of my mother's brought me a plate sometime in the mid 70's - that she had purchased in Japan in about 1920, and wanted me to paint a canvas for her - I did, added it to my wholesale line, and it became "Nellie's Imari." Beautiful thing it was. I painted this canvas about ten years ago, as my sister had stitched one waaaay back then, (and loaned it to me to copy one for myself) - but all in Paternayan Persian, which is what we had at that time. Now we have gorgeous silks and metallics to use, so I'm glad I waited. Maybe I will assign myself this to stitch simply because I want to sometime this year. I don't often have that luxury!!


NCPat said...

This is exquisite now, and will be awesome stitched!

Granny Fran said...

I love this design! I am enjoying catching up on your blog. Since Dad died and I've been caring for Mom, plus falling down and spraining my hand and wrist, I am so behind on reading my favorite blogs. Your needlepoint is so exquisite and your memories fun to read, I'm glad to be back here.