Friday, January 04, 2008

Hook Wreck Henry's - phase II "my trip"

It is said that the artist sees the world through different eyes - and I believe in my case it's entirely true! I get such great enjoyment from the simple things - nature and also the picturesque. I will start off with a picture of the back of my T-shirt that Jason gave me at his Dockside Cafe - Hook Wreck Henry's. I wore it with pride yesterday when I went to the doctor for diagnosis and treatment of a bit of walking pneumonia I acquired from a lady next to me on the plane back to Austin. (it's good to be past 60, and allowed to be a bit eccentric). It was soooo good to see this boy (man now approaching 40) who was so very bad along with my Charlie since they became friends at age 14. I got several really fine, heartfelt hugs from him. It's good to see them all happy and doing well and behaving, etc. Miraculous! This is the back of the place, as the front is on the water. It looks like any other little fishing village restaurant, but the food and interior are quite different. There is no fried food - Jason went to culinary school, so serves the finest of seafood dishes - beautifully prepared and presented in this rustic setting. The pier runs along the front by the open air eating area, which includes a bar in a "Tiki" shack with hidden gas heaters to keep visitors warm on chilly, dreary days while sipping and dining outside. The flag says Surrender the Booty, which, of course, my little grandson loved when I showed him the picture. ( My daughter frowned.) Oh well. Isn't that what grandmothers do? closeup of the flag: The fishing boat (Denny's) came in while we were there, as did a flock of pelicans that were, I swear, posing for a picture for me to paint. Denny goes out to catch fresh grouper for the restaurant. YUM! This place is just up the street a bit from what I call the Rainbow House - in my previous post. I am determined to go back, rent that house, and set up my computer and painting studio. It was good for the soul, and stimulated some creativity I thought I had lost.

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Allison Ann Aller said...

Never lost...just hibernating...
Fun to see this place and hear about the bad boys all grown up and good now.