Friday, July 18, 2008

Crazy Quilt Ornament - a new one!

At this point, it is just a matter of choosing the colors, placing them onto the design - and deciding on stitches. The two patterned patches - inspired by silk tie fabrics, are more effective placed apart and not touching. After placing those, it was a matter of laying a skein of thread (Caron Soie Cristale) onto a patch to see where it looked best in the grand scheme of things.The blue/green patch on the right came about, as the original color I chose was too light, and the darker one was too dark - so inventiveness worked here! I simply mixed them to create a sort of tweed look by using T-stitch, and alternating colors on each row. It will be most interesting to start choosing the colors for the seam treatments - and then on to the silk ribbon flowers to embellish. (and the beads!)

I have shown this one before - one of my Talavera designs now produced by Creative Needle of Dallas, and inserted into the top of a gorgeous moire' jewel case (a built-in). It's almost finished, and only needs about another square inch of work, and a few more beads. I especially like the way the little green beads look placed in the diaper pattern area on the dots. I used red shimmer blend YLI ribbon floss for the bump stitches on the squares on the diaper pattern, as well as in the centers of the pink flowers. Otherwise - the pattern and vibrant color would be a mess if cluttered with any more textured stitches. The next post will be about another bit of buried treasure - this time Inge's beautiful bargello ornaments, worked entirely in metallics and in Christmas colors. Stay tuned!


Cyn said...

Hi Judy,

I've been a bit behind reading my blogs and I've just got caught up with yours. I've enjoyed reading and seeing the beautiful pictures of your recent posts!

I love the Crazy Quilt Hearts! I've been planning on designing one for many years and I'm now inspired!

I'm also enjoying the older projects that you have been pulling out of storage. What fun!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing Inge's beautiful bargello ornaments!

Windy Meadow

NCPat said...

These colors are working up great....I am staying tuned for the progress and the next goodies!!