Thursday, July 31, 2008

TIF Challenge August - and Imari!

Beautiful colors for this month! Although it isn't yet August here. (tomorrow!) My first thought immediately was the Imari colors from the Japanese porcelains from which I designed my needlepoint canvases for so many years long ago. The colors will be glorious also in my new obsession - the embellished crazy quilt in needlepoint. As these colors are some of my favorites, although I favor the burgundy showing on my screen rather than the "rust" on the Imari, so I have lots and lots in my stash. I have shown this piece before - "Nellie's Imari" but will show it again, to illustrate. This is my favorite of all the Oriental porcelains I painted, and is the only one I have a copy of. If I ever achieve some semblance of "balance" in my life and work, (the August theme) maybe I'll take time to stitch it. My children assure me this won't happen - the balance part, anyway.


Jane said...

Wow, your colors in Nellies Imani match it perfectly... have fun playing with this one!

NCPat said...

This is gorgeous! I hope you do stitch this! Your talented fingers will make it a work of art!

napaneedlepoint said...

Judy --

You're right these colors are just perfect for Imari and they are some of my favorites too.

Keep Stitching,

Elisabeth Braun said...

That's a pretty piece and will be terrific when fully worked! Looking forward to seeing it.=)