Thursday, July 03, 2008

Crazy Quilt of a Different Color

Working with different colors - and this is more difficult for me than the pinks and blues of the previous heart. I made a small error in judgment on the two yellow patches, as they are a bit close in value - but when separated by a vine of silk ribbon roses, they will be fine. I wasn't in a mood to dump out boxes and boxes of threads to find the right one. - but theoretically this is working with "scraps" anyway. The patch on the top right is stitched with the very first of my "fabrics" that I worked out in the early 70's, and was inspired by the dotted swiss my mother liked for my Sunday dresses. The background needs to be plain, as I plan to add big white silk flowers - but it also needs a slight amount of texture. I marked the dots before stitching to make it easier, but, in this case, I marked the warp "bump" stitches instead of the weft "dips" as I do for beads.

Just beginning to add the silk ribbon embroidery - and again, using the beautiful Riversilks. The seam treatments are an assortment of threads - a bit of Kreinik metallic ribbon, a 2-ply strand of Baroque silk, and some Soy Lustre - all of which add interest. Now, off to do something a bit mindless - and more silk ribbon flowers tomorrow when I'm rested. Again, there was no pre-plan for this except to pull out a pile of colors that looked right together. The white flowers are needed, I think, to kind of cool it off. There will, of course, be beads for the finishing touch!!

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