Wednesday, July 09, 2008

More Buried Treasure

Cleaning up a bit and going through boxes yesterday, I found more! This is an ornament that was done when I had started exploring bargello again several years ago - and also making ornaments with threads in my stash. This one began as just a simple sketch of a shape - and then laying the canvas over the inked drawing. After stitch counting with the drawing pen on one side, I duplicated it on the other to make the entire outline symmetric. Notice also that the outline is worked with tent stitch to eliminate messy places where the upright and other textured areas end.

I did mark the vertical centers, top and bottom, of the ornament on canvas as a point of departure for the design stitching - then just kind of "took off" stitching. The bottom part is worked with Rainbow Gallery Flair, which I really enjoy for this sort of thing. These are easy to create, as you might just mark bands across the shape and see what you can come up with as far as color and stitches. With beautiful fibers, it's not hard to make something wonderful and colorful. Actually, there isn't much bargello on this one - I got diverted!

This poor thing has been put away for a very long time - dates back to some of my first experiments with beads. It's a bit lumpy, etc. I think I probably abandoned it when I realized I should have marked the center top and bottom, and made the diagonal stitches go in different directions - making a 45 degree angle "V". If I can find the beads I was using, I may go ahead and finish it, as it is colorful!!! Again, I used the Flair for the checkerboard effect - and, of course, Kreinik metallic gold.


Love to Stitch 99 said...

I love the top ornament, design and colors used.

You are almost making me feel like wanting to try to design something of my own. The key word here is "almost" (grinning). For now I am happy to stitch away and try to finish some of my UFOs, which is slow progress, to say the least.

Pierrette =^..^=

Judy S. said...

Judy, I really like the way you explain how you did your projects!
Thanis for that.

NCPat said...

I knew you would have more goodies in the stashes!

coral-seas said...

Hi Judy, I am enjoying these tree ornaments, I hope you find the beads to finish the bottom one.

I have nominated your site for the "Arte y Pico" award. I do not want to put you under any obligation to pass on the award, I simply want to acknowledge how much your canvas work has inspired me.

Best wishes, CA