Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Alpine Meadows is Blooming!

This is the Anderson tartan - my family. I keep looking at it and wishing I could do something with it, but it's the only tartan registered that has 7 colors, and there are too many elements to enable me to make a small piece with it. I had originally wanted to make a little chair pad for the rocking chair I have that was my father's when he was a small child.

When I started counting it out, I realized it would make a small rug to put beneath the chair, and not a little pad for it. Oh well. Maybe I'll tackle it yet - on 18 mesh canvas, I could probably do a nice pillow for my oldest son, who was very close to my father.
A small disclaimer here: I am not doing any of these tartan patterns to sell, as they are officially registered in Scotland, (even the Bluebonnet tartan) and the rights do not belong to me for reproduction in any form. I would imagine this would be illegal, and if not, at least unethical.

However, just for personal use, there's no harm - I felt that I probably should have contacted somebody before showing them on my blog, but don't know where to go. Since I'm making no profit here, I suppose it's O.K. They are just so beautiful!! I'm using them to illustrate how to adapt a plaid to needlepoint, put the marks on canvas, and stitch it - and also how to set up a specific project, not just making little squares.

I found a really fun thing today you might want to check out. It is more entertaining than the JigZone puzzles I enjoy for taking breaks. Go to SCOTWEB and check it out - a site where you can make your own tartan!! You can actually choose colors, width of different stripes - all that. You will land on the home page - so click on "tartans" and then scroll down the page to see the spot for making your own.

The green photo is showing progress on the Alpine Meadows piece. At this point, it's hard to put it down, as I want to stitch one more vertical stripe, cross a few with weft stripes - and on and on. It's a fine activity for some kind of mindless and relaxing stitching, and it doesn't get boring.

However, I always enjoy having a little sparkly ornament or something also waiting for attention for a change.

I did draw angels yesterday, and got on such a roll with that, I didn't get anything painted - but will tomorrow. Lots and lots of angel. I wish I could paint faster!


Front Range Stitcher said...

There's just something so wonderful about plaids. When I saw Bluebonnets I thought, that's the best one; now that I see Alpine Meadows, that has become my number one favorite! I think I just love plaids and they'll all be my favorites soon. Thanks for posting these.

Cool City Stitcher said...

Thanks so much for sharing all your knowledge and extensive research with us, so that we can create our own plaids.

LIZ said...

Love the do it yourself site! Very cool! Thanks for the link.