Thursday, June 03, 2010

Angels and The Big Mess

I've worked really hard for two days now, and haven't a painted canvas to show for it. I have this odd feeling that if I don't produce something, I haven't worked. Stitching models in preparation for a magazine deadline doesn't count as work either, and I always feel guilty about sitting still to do it (and enjoying it).

About 12 years ago, I painted a series of "birthday" Guardian angels - and after about two years, was so tired of them, I discontinued. That didn't work, so I finally just trashed the patterns so I wouldn't have to paint any more.

I found two in an old file - just what I needed! June and July. I want to do these smaller and much simpler - so this has been added to the chaos on my work table.

Also there are the nine Talavera angels I drew yesterday, and two Tlaquepaque angels from the Gov's Mansion group. Also begun is the new July angel, in preparation for moving on to the wildflowers for the ANG event next year. (I'm practicing - but need to decide which size to use)

Have to get "warmed up." . I've drawn little "blanks" for these things so I can make sketches on them as they occur to me. So far, I'm not happy with my July angel, as the waterlilies aren't looking as I want them. Maybe tomorrow when I'm fresh and full of coffee. Size is one of my dilemmas, and I would really appreciate some feedback and opinons about this.

As I said, I've drawn little blanks for sketching - not complete, and I'll change the wings for many of them - these are just for ideas.

Anyway, the originals, both birthday and the Ceramic adaptations, are 9" high, but I have reduced sizes to 7" and think that's what I'd prefer, myself.

The 9" tall ones are great for stand-ups, but that's a lot of stitching. I've drawn the Talavera angels both sizes, and can't figure out which to paint. That's all part of "The Big Mess" you see here.

The June and July images aren't good, as they are scans of photos I took long ago - way before I had a computer and digital camera. These were done also before I realized a good finisher could do more shape around them - so I just made domed stand-ups.

The June roses were painted back when people were still willing to shade with basketweave, and I enjoyed the painting process to make them look right and still be easy to stitch. These have three distinct pinks on them - well separated, but reading as shading.

I'm going to have to go clean up the piles of clutter now - there's no room left on the table to put my paint palette. This happens sometimes when the ideas are coming too fast - but it's great! Much better than the days when I have no ideas at all.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

These are going to be beautiful, Judy. Thanks for showing something of the creative process. I've always wondered how designers come up with designs that are both beautiful and stitchable and in sizes that us needlepointers don't find intimidating.

Jane, waving from CH

Rachel said...

Gosh, I know what you mean. I always feel that if I enjoy doing it, it can't be work, and even when I have deadlines to meet I have to stand over myself (somehow) to make me sit down and do the work!

Front Range Stitcher said...

I am in total awe. I can't imagine doing all of this creating and stitching in such a short time and coming up with these magnificent designs. Bowing to you from Colorado.

NCPat said...

What a great idea! They are going to be goreous.....sparkly threads and all!

Possibilities, Etc. said...

Yes - lots of sparkly threads, and also some shiny ones and even silk ribbon and a few beads!! (If I ever get them painted - I'm rusty at the angel stuff)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the others - these are going to be beautiful! And I know how you feel about things coming in a rush and you have to try to catch up with your thoughts. This is a wonderful, new presentation of angels and people are going to love them.