Friday, June 18, 2010

Classic and Gorgeous Crochet and Cross-Stitch Patterns!

I enjoy lots of other forms of the needlearts, in addition to needlepoint. Crochet has been a great love of mine since I was a child, as long as it's the classic and traditional type patterns.

I have a blog post over on Freebies, etc. about a beautiful site with FREE patterns - crochet both traditional (with new twists and uses) and whimsical.

Also counted cross stitch patterns that I might even do although I don't usually enjoy that. This woman's photos are gorgeous.

I have collected Fillet Lace (crocheted) patterns for many years, just because they fascinate me - and I love adapting them to needlepoint.

A rug is shown that is exquisite, and I would never have thought of using it that way!!


Rachel said...

Have you come across any of the Mary Card Crochet books? They came out during the war, and just before, I think, and I know my Grandmama used some of them. I've yet to get my fingers around crochet...

Possibilities, Etc. said...

No, Rachel, I haven't - but will now go in search. I really like the old, classic and traditional patterns. It's not easy to find them these days. I collect Pineapple patterns and filet lace.