Friday, June 11, 2010

More Angels and Tartans

It's only an "almost" angel and one tartan - but I did manage a lot of sketching on new angels today. This is a very very rough drawing, but I'm beginning to almost be pleased. I decided to do this one for July - hence the water lily.

Larkspurs are the alternate July flower, and would be easier to stitch, just requiring a bunch of French Knots with overdyed thread or silk ribbon. However, I like the symbolism of the lotus - as the Chinese revere it for having its beginnings in the mud at the bottom of the pond and then growing up toward the light at the surface, and blooming beautifully finally.

I wish I could do that. I think sometimes I'm kind of stuck in murky waters still - or some days, just sitting at the bottom stirring up a lot of mud.

Anyway, that's what this little ink drawing is about. The dress looks a bit drab, but I plan to add color above the water line also. The rubies are on the neckline of her dress and in her hair.

I have "May" also sketched in pencil with the lily-of-the-valley and the emeralds - but not far enough along to show. The faces are drawn directly onto canvas, as they must be stitch painted to look right and be easy to stitch.
The Alpine Meadows tartan is progressing nicely, I think. I'm enjoying it as relaxation from drawing.

Usually I won't use just one thread line on any plaid, as it does't show up or stitch quite right - but in this case, the white line had to stay at one thread only, or the entire pattern would have been way too large, and I like the scale of this one.

Since each stripe is bordered by one line of white, I rather like the effect - it shows up well and adds some additional interest.

I'll stitch some more over the weekend, but tomorrow I have to make another move - back to my daughter's house and the "guest quarters." (the Granny suite) I won't be able to think clearly to draw more angels until about Monday when the house quiets down.

I have decided to be an almost elderly runaway, and run back to Tallahassee where I can sit and contemplate the pine trees and other delightful things in nature. Austin hasn't any, and I need the inspiration I always find in north Florida..


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

July's Waterlily angel is shaping up to be a beauty. I can see the skirt blended in DMC cottons like Anne S's skies to show the water the lilies float on. That would be lovely, wouldn't it?

But I shouldn't comment on a work in progress. Hope you find a little inspiration in Texas by dreaming of Florida. The angels don't show any lack of inspiration to me!

cool city stitcher said...

The angel is lovely, and I look forward to seeing it stitched.

Cool City Stitcher said...

Very nice, Judy. Will be eager to see this one stitched, and looking forward to others!

Rachel said...

As you say, the waterlily has such encouraging symbolism, it is a good one to choose!

coral-seas said...

Your work is definitely blooming beautifully on the surface, but I don't think you were referring to that. I hope you find inspiration and peace under the pine trees. Being close to nature can be very soothing.