Saturday, June 26, 2010

Silk Ribbon Embroidery - a different twist!

I took a little bit of time this morning and treated myself to another cruise through Needle Crafts. If you click on "silk ribbon embroidery" - or something like that - on the list of topics under the header, you will see some techniques that are different from the "norm" we usually see.

There are even dragonflies and butterflies and a few flowers I haven't seen before - enchanting! Also, the other patterns and tutorials are amazing. I have no picture here, as I couldn't communicate to get one to show.

I've used silk ribbon in three different widths for about 12 years - for surface embellishment on stitched needlepoint designs. It's almost instant gratification, and a very creative endeavor, once one "gets the hang" of handling the ribbon and making the stitches.

On this blog this morning, I saw the solution to one dilemma I had had with a particular flower - this is good! I used the SR embroidery extensively on my "birthday crazy quilts" in needlepoint, and it's easy to get carried away sometimes. A most rewarding form of needlework!

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Front Range Stitcher said...

Many thanks for putting us on to the needle crafts blog with the beautiful demonstrations of ribbon embroidery. They make it look so easy and it really is an amazing form of needleart when done correctly. The examples of ribbon used in your own stitched pieces are lovely embellishments that I've always admired and enjoyed.