Thursday, June 24, 2010

Inspiration for Design

I'm in the middle of another week of chaos and confusion, in moves I'm making - hoping to land soon wherever it will be that I can "bloom where I'm planted." I'm pretty wilted and falling over right now, so haven't really produced anything to show. However, I never neglect my blog cruising in the morning while having coffee, and love the way the beautiful images get my mind going in the right direction.

I found a new one yesterday in Australia, that you might enjoy. It's called BEACH TEXTILES , and has some of the most beautiful pictures I've seen in a while.

As I say often, I look at blogs written by fiber artists all over the world, rather than needlepoint blogs (except for two or three), as I find they stimulate my creativity well, due to the beautiful and tasteful color combinations, and the patterns developed. Lots of inspiration here, and these things "imprint" on the brain and influence images and thinking.
Liz Morrow and I had been chatting by e-mail a while back about some "marbelizing" one of her needlepoint groups is doing on canvas - I don't usually do this sort of thing, but became rather intrigued with it.
This blog this morning had some dyed fabric on it - art work- that gave me some ideas, so now I'm in search of my natural sea sponges so I can play with it a bit - see what I can "replicate" that will do for needlepoint. I'm already looking at the yellow and orange picture - the first photo- and figuring how I might adapt that sort of thing by "painting with needle and thread" on needlepoint canvas. What fun!!
When you visit this blog, be sure to read Dian's profile - it's wonderful, and something many of us can relate to.


Rachel said...

Thanks for the link to Beach Textiles - another find!

I shall be interested to see where the inspirations take you..

DIAN said...

Judy, thanks so much for your kind comments. I do love playing with colour and texture and refer to the natural world around me for inspiration. We do live in fantastic times with the web to link us together all over the world and such a wonderful supply of materials available.

Thanks again.